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Paul Taylor photo

Paul Taylor

A powerful force in modern dance.

Choreographer Paul Taylor ’53, H’86 is the last living member of the pantheon that created America’s indigenous art of modern dance. At an age when most artists’ best work is behind them, Paul Taylor continues to win public and critical acclaim for the vibrancy, relevance, and power of his creations. As he has since his origins as a dance maker in 1954 through today, he offers brilliant observations on life’s complexities while tackling some of society’s thorniest issues. While he may propel his dancers through space for the sheer beauty of it, he more frequently uses them to illuminate such profound issues as war, piety, spirituality, sexuality, morality, and mortality.

Syracuse University’s SU Arts Engage, the Office of the Arts Presenter, has worked closely with Taylor to produce performances by the Paul Taylor Dance Company, and many other artists. SU Arts Engage has been a leading performing arts organization throughout Central New York, fostering collaboration with other art-affiliated organizations in the Syracuse area. By commissioning world-renowned artists whose work challenge mainstream culture, SU Arts Engage creates a local and global dialogue around themes of social, political, and economic peace.